Saturday, July 28, 2007


The subject which does not need much strain is MATHS. because, in other subjects we have to read a lot, memorize and lot more stuffs. but still, MATHS is the most hated subject for some students, which also include 1 of my friend, LOKESH.

Lokesh, is just a cool character. he is simply smart in other subjects, but just FAILS in maths. we were together in hostel and school, and he just used to come to me, to learn maths. Never mind how he studies, the result is well known. but the only good thing in him is, TRY TILL U DIE.

At last came the 11Th standard final, MATHS EXAM. By attendance, after my name Karthik, comes the name Lokesh. the question paper were distributed. 1st 45 minutes, i really forget to think about lokesh. then, i got a small pinch from him from back. i understood, and was even trying to show him my answer paper, as usual by moving to 1 side and kept the paper in another side. but still lokesh had some trouble seeing my paper.

As time went, we just had 1 hour left. lokesh just lost his patience, and stood up. a lady supervisor came to him. he just said like this- "mam, i am really feeling difficulty in this paper. i want to copy from this guy (pointing me). please allow me".......ha !!! off course the supervisor did not allow him, but still see his courage and also luckily some how he passed in his exam.

but the lesson is that, as i told you before, he is really a hard working person, he got 70% in maths in 12Th standard public exam.

hope you guys enjoyed.....see u all soon, with another 1....


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Anonymous said...

Boom Boom

Supp me wat eva happens maths neva heads me .....i jus feel sick lookin at the numbers....Maths s jus an a offal subject. But dudes do start showing some interest towards maths...for god sake it will help u expect me ;)....

Machi cheers for sharing dis....gud luck.

Peace out