Friday, January 11, 2008

Cute Girl !!

Life is very interesting. u can feel it, only when u sit and think about it. we have to make each and every moment of our life enjoyable, beocs we will not get that moment again.

once i was reading a book named "Anything for you Ma'am". i read a line, which i really liked. it states "have to make life thrilling and interesting".

The next day, i went to Library at 8 in the morning. very few were there. and i found my place, where i normally sit, and started my reading. after a while, i noticed that sme 1 was sitting, not so far, but bit near !!

It was none other then, that cute girl. i know her from, beginning of the semester, and she knows me too. but we never talked with each other. rather just stare at each other.

Then suddenly, that line came in to my mind."make life thrilling and interesting". so i decided to make my life thrilling from that point. but i was thinking how to work that out. then, i decided just to go and have a casual talk. wow !! i never did like this to any girl, who is just a stranger. but i decided to go.

I stood up from my seat. went near to her table. got a chair, next to her's and took my seat. she knew, that i came and sat, but she did not turn, which most girls do. but i just started, as i sat. here we go..........

"hi. Good morning. I am karthik. From beginning of the semster, we are just starring at each other. I really dont no why. Anyway, frm now lets be good friends.." I raised my hand, to shook with her. she accepted my friiendship by shooking the hands with me

Before leaving i said "hey and i am sry, i dont no to speak in hindi. beocs i am not from Fiji and please dont mind, what i said....dont mind....ok ?....byee"

Thats it, i just came to my seat and i even did not ask her name, and she did not talk a word. she just had her cute smile. thats it. i did not talk with her, in some wrong intension, or something. but just in a casual manner. just to have a good friendly-relationship with a girl, whom i use to stare. :)

And to tell you, after that incident, when ever we met, we smile and just say a casual Hi, which i really felt better than starring a girl.

I enjoyed that day and stated my thrilling life with this incident. hope to have more incidents like this in future, and will be back with some as it happens !!!



Unknown said...

Hey it was really nice to read dear.Even i have acrossed many situations like this,these are something to be treassured always
Hey juz one thing which i want to share dont stop with "HI" to her continue her friendship,start knowing each other bcos i feel u guys r with same taste....y dont u try it out (U may get a good friend with ur own taste)

Unknown said...

nice read! I bet there's no other better way to make like more thrilling and exciting other than making a new friend!nee nadathu!! :)

karthika said...

i liked this post.i do have a guy here in my skool.whom i kinda stare i think i wud beter talk to him.

Anonymous said...

hey dats a really gud article. kip ur d gud writing skills:)

Anonymous said...
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