Monday, December 17, 2007

Film "BOYZ"- memorable 1

The film "Boys" was much waited among all youths in Tamil nadu, as it was directed by 1 of the great Director Shankar. the movie was good and memorable, but the story how i saw that movie is more memorable than anything else.

i was in class 11, in Velammal School, Chennai. for Sure you must have heard about Velammal, as it is 1 of the strict school in Chennai. Boys are not allowed to talk with girls, and lots and lots of rules. and to mention, there will be 1 or 2 spies in a class, who will directly report to Correspondent. but we never took that seriously.

that time, BOYS film was all ready to release, and we were more eager to watch the movie. the 1st show of the movie will be released at 11am, on 1 fine Saturday. so we made a plan. 14 from our class, including boys and girlz made a perfect plan to watch the movie on the opening day. we collected money and gave to our class leader, who was really leading us.

we all met on the planned day outside the theater, went in, and the show begins now. the movie was good , and as it went on, there came a wonderful song, "break the rules". we went beyond our control and shouted "break the rules of velammal".(velammal, our school yaar). we really enjoyed the movie to at most. but the real story started after the movie got over.

after the movie got over, as we started moving out, we saw a big shock waiting for us. that is none other than, on of our school staff, sent by our school correspondent, to monitor our activities. we really don't no what to do. but me and 1 of my friend Lokesh, decided to go and talk with him. we went to him and said directly , "sir, please do not report this to correspondent" and we came out.

but the school staff, reported everything, including our conversation with him. the following Monday the whole gang were really afraid, except me. because, i was in the school volley ball team. and i went with the team for 1 tournament. the whole class got several advice and punishment for shouting "break the rules". but the great karthik escaped. Lucky Though !!

memorable 1, which me and my whole gang will never forget. hope you all enjoyed my incident.


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Karthik Jayaprakash said...

Dai, i still remember this incident, u went to this movie instead of coming home...........