Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Life is full of happiness, and sorrow too. some things may look simple, but even that simple things may make you feel a lot.

Till now, i have faced many situations like this. but 2day i had another 1, which i feel like sharing !!

It was my mistake, when i applied for my Australian Visa, when i had just 13 days of my 30 day holiday was left. i thought of not attending my 1st week of University, as we have very few, and that too boring classes. so i applied for my visa.

The processing time for all Australian visitors visa is 10 working days. i had a bit doubt, when i applied my visa. and as i thought, my Visa was refused, because i just had 3 days left in my holidays. the letter from my university, clearly mentioned to immigration people that i had holidays only till 30Th august !!!

Off course i can understand the situation, but still i had a small pain. i always do 1 thing. in situations like this, i will think with open minded. like, by feeling and crying, Immigration people, is not going to grant my visa. ha !!! what say !! that's it. leave it, and BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME !!!