Thursday, July 26, 2007


Wow !! many things happen in life. u can remember some, after a bit of thinking, others we just leave it. but, some incident, u cant forget, even if u try to. i would like to share a small incident, which i cant forget in my life time....

At the age of 8. i was studying in 3rd standard in HOLY CROSS MATRICULATION SCHOOL, which is in my home town TIRUTTANI. i had many friends in my class. and a few, with whom i was bit more attached.

once, there was some competition going on in my class, in the presence of class teacher and principal. i am not sure, whether i participated in that or not. but once the competition was over, the results were announced. after the announcement, 1 of my close friend, just stood up and went in front of the class, and told our principal, that he would like to share some thing in front of the class. then he started before the class.

" Good evening to 1 and all. as u know my name is " manikandan ". i would like to share some thing which i feel like. karthikeyan, can U plz come here. (HE CALLED ME B4 THE CLASS). we love our parents so much. i also love my friend karthikeyan, with that same level. i am proud that he is here with me. that's all. thank you "

ha !!! can u believe ? just few lines before the class. i was just amazed. i don't no how to react. i just came and sat in my seat. the principal came forward and asked all the students to give a big applause for our friendship. wow !!!

the day, which i can never forget. or, can any 1 forget ? ha !! no way !! absolutely superb..memorable !! what say ?

note: in the pic. 1st frm left is me, and the middle guy is OUR HERO (mani) !!!!