Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Island Trip !!!

Wow !! it is really hard to plan things. and it is harder to carry out that.i am now, going to share my plan, which i made. and the way it got spoiled because of nature.

AS you all know, Fiji is divided in to 'VitiLevu' and 'VanuaLevu'. and i am staying in Viti. and planned my holiday in vanua, in a fashion way. me and Kapil, my friend, planned to visit vanua, especially to attend 1 of our best friend's Birthday.

The intersting factor in our plan, is that, our friend in vanua, don't know about our visit. but my Friend's Sis knows. we thought of giving our friend a surprise.
We planned to book our ticket on Monday, as my frndz birthday party was on wednesday. so on Saturday, i went to the agency, for which i have to travel just 30 mins. i got 2 tickets. and for your information, me and kapil are staying in different place. the boat actually leaves from kapil's place, and i have to travel in a bus, to kapil's place to get that ship. and the bus was arranged by the agency.

On Sunday, we were so excited. i called my friend's sis in vanua, to confirm the plan. everything went well. i packed everything, including print out of SUDOKU, for time pass.

It was Monday, early in the morning, 2am. i woke up.the bus leaves from my place to kapil's place at 3am, and ship leaves at 7am to vanua. i got ready and went to the place where the agency lady told me. there were more than 30 people, who were also with me.

The climate started to change. the rain started. but it was not heavy. we thought it might be a normal rain. and as we predicted, it stopped in 10 mins time and we were relieved. we waited, waited and waited. it was 4am and we still waited. i got a doubt. no 1 had the agency telephone number.but i remeberd that i called the number of that agency lady's personal mobile, before i went to buy my tickets. i checked in my dialed numbers list and found it. i called her.

It was 4.15 am, and she answered in a casual manner starting our conversation, with BULA. i just got irritated. when i asked her about my bus, she told, me that the ship has been cancelled, due to predicted bad weather.and she told me that she will come and return our money in 10 mins time.

What i can do? we planned well, but never thought, we might get problems like this, which will spoil our trip. but nothing can be done. and there was no ship for the next 2 or 3 days, due to Christmas. and after that i had some work, so we cancelled our plan.

Thus our Island trip ends, just as a plan and just as a dream. and we hope that we will Go there for sure 1 day.