Friday, January 11, 2008

My 1st Cricket Catch !!!

As you all know, India is cricket crazy nation. You can see cricket, where ever you go around the country. 3 year old Kid, will be holding a bat at home. 6 year old will be walking with cricket-kit, for training. thats cricket in India.

I am originally from a small town just 80 kms away from Chennai, which is called Tiruttani, which is really famous for Murugan temple. and to mention, our house is in hills, where there are more than 200 houses.

Mostly everyday, after our school, we will play cricket. Do U know where ? just outside the temple, where devotees will make their rounds(parikrama), before entering the temple. there will be 2 age category while playing cricket. one is frm age 8-12, and rest will be in another category.

Normally we all will play in tennis ball, but some times, when our senior category goes for any match with another team, they will play in CRICKET BALL, which is too hard for us. normally we will go with them to the ground, just to watch, but while going, we will be just counting the senoir team players. because, if there in some shortage of players in senior category, we will have a chance to play.

Once, i remember it very well, it was a sunny sunday. there was 1 match and i went with the team. as usual, i started counting the players and i was really happy. because, there were only 9 members. so me and 1 of my friend, from junior category had a chance to join the team. WOW. it was my 1st match in CRICKET BALL.

The coin was tossed. our opponents won the toss and they preferred batting, as some of their players did not arrive. mostly, the ball will not go in slip. so my senior asked me to stand in slip, as i was just 8 year old (3rd standard).

Gopi anna is the fast bowler in our team, and usually, he bowls the 1st over. his pace of bowling with line and lengh will be superve. and his action will be like Venkatesh prasad. thast y he is always called as "Prasad"......

1st over started. if i am not wrong i think it was 3rd ball. i did not saw how Gopi anna was bowling, but i was just watching the batsman from slip. like , when u concentrate 100% on some thingz, there is a chace ur mind will become blank. u will not know what is happening around U. it hapend with me , that day. i just remember, i raised my hands. thats it. then i saw all our team members lifting me. then, i really felt that i caught the catch.

I had a great feeling. my 1st catch in HARD CRICKET BALL, at the age of 8, that too, caught a catch in slip. but1 thing which i dont want to hide, as every 1 knows it was JUST FLUKE.



Unknown said...

well done. keep it up. But you have to concentrate on english grammer as well, a little bit. I DID NOT SAW IS NOT CORRECT but I didn't see may be a correct one.
ravi, Kanakasabha, India.

Subi said...

1st naam ellarum fluke la thaan pidippom.....

u know till my 1st yr in coll i used u drop easy catches but now its 180' shift i cant believe myself i am d best in catches in my last 2 yrs of coll///// not even a single drop...

days changes

Concerned said...

hey nice one! rock u! don't u love those moments. but i must say..when u think and concentrate on somehtin sooo will happen. Truly an example of such :)