Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Friendship From the Trees of USP- Kapil and Karthik

Friendship. It's a simple word for many. But special word for some. Yes. It is special to me. We meet lots of friends every day. Not every one turns to be our best. But some really becomes our best in a best way possible.

I was new to my University. (THE UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC, SUVA, FIJI ISLANDS). I was new to the place. I did not have many friends. UNI life will really be enjoyable only if you have special friends. I was lucky. i found my special Friend.

2nd week of the semester. After my accounting class, ordered a coffee by nearby cafe. There was a big tree, which gives shade to cafe's customers. Under the tree was just a old bench where i think many like me would have found many friends. . Thats a very special place. That bench is always used by students. Luckily i found that bench empty and took my opportunity to grab a seat to enjoy my coffee.

When i almost finished my coffee, i saw a boy who took seat near me. A friendly smile and a hand shake. He suddenly asked me "kaise yaar" ? (how are you ?). Off course i know that much Hindi. But still wanna show him that i am from another planet. I mean another country. I responded, "sorry man, i don't no Hindi". he was surprised. Indian face, and how come i dont no Hindi. He could not stop his curiosity. "what? how come? you look like an Indian"...

I smiled and told him, "yes, i am Indian. But i am not Fiji born, rather from Tamil Nadu. He was really surprised and started asking question after question....During our conversation, we found that we both were doing same course and also Same Accounting Subject in that Semester.

We also started taking about our upcoming accounting major assignment and we both decided to pair up as a group for the assignment. . We never knew that we are going to get top mark out of 450 students in that Assignment. I still preserve that Accounting Assignment as a treasure....Still lying in my Cupboard and will always be there !!!

Our friendship is bit unique too. We share things but we dont talk all the time. But we both knew well about each other. 3 years of Uni life passed like a thunder. Still can't swallow thinking about those days which will never come back. There is one thing constant in life. Thats CHANGE. Life will change but not our Friendship.

Dedicating these few paragraphs on my 24th Birthday to my FRIEND KAPIL KRITESH RAJ !!!

Karthik Ravi

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