Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Friendship From the Trees of USP- Kapil and Karthik

Friendship. It's a simple word for many. But special word for some. Yes. It is special to me. We meet lots of friends every day. Not every one turns to be our best. But some really becomes our best in a best way possible.

I was new to my University. (THE UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC, SUVA, FIJI ISLANDS). I was new to the place. I did not have many friends. UNI life will really be enjoyable only if you have special friends. I was lucky. i found my special Friend.

2nd week of the semester. After my accounting class, ordered a coffee by nearby cafe. There was a big tree, which gives shade to cafe's customers. Under the tree was just a old bench where i think many like me would have found many friends. . Thats a very special place. That bench is always used by students. Luckily i found that bench empty and took my opportunity to grab a seat to enjoy my coffee.

When i almost finished my coffee, i saw a boy who took seat near me. A friendly smile and a hand shake. He suddenly asked me "kaise yaar" ? (how are you ?). Off course i know that much Hindi. But still wanna show him that i am from another planet. I mean another country. I responded, "sorry man, i don't no Hindi". he was surprised. Indian face, and how come i dont no Hindi. He could not stop his curiosity. "what? how come? you look like an Indian"...

I smiled and told him, "yes, i am Indian. But i am not Fiji born, rather from Tamil Nadu. He was really surprised and started asking question after question....During our conversation, we found that we both were doing same course and also Same Accounting Subject in that Semester.

We also started taking about our upcoming accounting major assignment and we both decided to pair up as a group for the assignment. . We never knew that we are going to get top mark out of 450 students in that Assignment. I still preserve that Accounting Assignment as a treasure....Still lying in my Cupboard and will always be there !!!

Our friendship is bit unique too. We share things but we dont talk all the time. But we both knew well about each other. 3 years of Uni life passed like a thunder. Still can't swallow thinking about those days which will never come back. There is one thing constant in life. Thats CHANGE. Life will change but not our Friendship.

Dedicating these few paragraphs on my 24th Birthday to my FRIEND KAPIL KRITESH RAJ !!!

Karthik Ravi

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pride at Convacation

I was thinking, is it really worth going to Fiji for my degree graduation from Melbourne spending huge amount of money in airfare? then i decided to go, without having any proper reason to go.

After reaching Fiji, i was really happy, meeting Friends and spending time with them, and really was not thinking any thing about my Graduation.

On the day of Graduation there was some excitement in myself. Because i was wearing professional dress, white shirt and black pant with Tie and adding to that, my graduation gown. wow. It was a great feeling.

When i reached graduation arena, there were 1300 graduates with me. such a large number. Every one in professional dress and i joined them.

All of us were standing outside arena. when the time arrived we got signal to walk-in to the convocation arena. Believe me !! More then 4000 people, gave us clapping ovation when we were having a small parade in the Arena.

When all graduates got seated, there was a standing ovation when Vice-Chancellor of Our university entered the arena. WOW.....Pin-drop Silence....... SHU.......... !!!

Lucky me. My number was in 280's out of 1300. Did not wait for that long like others. But still i would have loved even my number would have been 1300. :)

Another memorable part my graduation was three of my Friends. Kapil, Swaz and DC. All of us, spent our three years together, studied together and graduated together. When the function got over lots of photo clicks with all my UNI friends with whom i have spent 3 full beautiful years.

When i was in Plane, back to Melbourne, I was thinking that with money i can never get this enjoyment, which i got during my graduation ceremony. Damn....Now really missing those days...But still lucky enough, as i will also be attending my Masters Graduation at Deakin University !!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

GOD- Can you feel His presense ?

In this modern world, no one has time to think about the presence of god. we live with modern technology, and we say that god's true presence is not proved. but read this article and answer the important question which i have raised......

A gentle man of age around 55, who is very much talented, came to me and asked, " karthik, you are 21 now, and you are going to complete you double degree. and i feel you are matured now. what you think about god ? you go to temple just for show-off, or you really believe in it?"

i just thought for a while. and i replied. "JI, i feel i am not much experienced to answer this question. but i don't have 100 % belief in God. but i do pray because, millions of people, who devote themselves to god are not doing it blindly. they must have experienced some thing. that's why they are believing. i feel that when the time comes i will also experience the real presence of God.
But still i felt that my reply did not cover the expectation he was having in my answer. so i started again. i felt that he was also not believing in God. so i Tried to add one strong point from my side about the presence of some Superior energy above all human beings. I shared one important incident which my father told me.

In 1986, NASA sent a spaceship called voyager 2. According to statement published by NASA, Voyager 2 reached near mars and took 1000 of pictures. pictures shows that mars was reddish in color and triangular in shape. it was published in all news paper. while my father was reading this news, a navagraha(9 planets) hawan was going on by the side. During the hawan, they will chant the description about each planet. Mars is called as "ANGARAKA" in Sanskrit. while describing about MARS, priests were describing it as, red color and triangular in shape. (i exactly don't no what they mean, when they say triangular in shape. but the word triangle is used in both vedas and in the report by NASA).

Can you believe it ? we human beings using technology found that mars is in red color only in 1987. but how the description about Mars is correctly written in our old Spiritual Books which is minimum 200 years old? please think and answer me.

This shows there is something above all of us. again, i think i am not much experienced to discuss this serious issue. it is very complex one to conclude. and please correct me if i have expressed some thing wrong.

NOTE: I have mentioned that Vedas are minimum 200 years old. but they are 5000 years old, according to both Indian and foreign researchers. but some Indian Researchers still argue that they are even more older.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Do u believe in Evil Spirits?

I asked 1 of my friend. do u belive in ghost or evil sprits ? answer was, "ha !! mate, this is 21st century. THEY cant fake us anymore". THEY? who are they ?

I was thinking, about that THEY. i felt that, there are different kinds of profession. and i thought, there must special class of people, who create fear among people and they are making it as a profession.

But, to be frank, i dont no much about this evil spirits and i have never experienced any. but when ever we sit and have some chit-chat with friends, they main topic which will come is Ghost.

Now i am going to tell you 1 incident, which really happend. and i am sure, after reading this you will get a impression that, some evil spirits even exists.

He is 1 of my elderly friend. he is just like me, never believes in evil sprits. but a true incident happend to his son, after which he started believing about evil sprits. yes !! here you go. (warning: do not read this alone.)

Due to workload, he was forced to shift his house. he shifted with his wife and his son, who is 3 year old. evereything was normal when he was in his old house. but the problem started after he shifted. EVIL SPRIT !!!

The target was his 3 year old son. 1 day around 1 am, his son woke up and started crying. they thought it was a casual 1, which normally happens to small kids, if their sleep gets disturbed. but it did not stopped that night.

Every night he started crying at 1am. my friend got scared. his wife called her parents. her parents came. they did the same thing what usually grand parents do. they kept the broom stick near to them, which is considered as protection from evil sprits.

That night same thing happend. Small boy started crying. nothing else. he just crys for sometime and then goes to sleep. in the morning he is as usual normal. then they staretd sharing the incident with neighbours. then the got the real answer.

Neighbours say that, before 1 year a small kid died here. the sprit of the small kid is calling all small kids to play with him etc etc....... they also say that, it happend with many people who stay around here.

Then they got more fear and they shifted their house. as they shifted, small boy got normal. nothing happnd to him. he sleeps well now.

wat say ? what is your answer if i ask you, do u believe in evil sprits ? yes or no?

I started believing a bit after hearing this incident. i would have not believed this, if it would have happend to some elders. because we can say that after hearing the rumors, some fear must have started with in themselves and we can say that, thats the reason. but this is not our case. he is just 3 year old.

Man. what conclusion i can give to this topic. sorry i cant give a conclusion.

please post a comment to this article with your or your friends experience on evil sprits. may be after redaing all the comments, we will conclude.


Friday, January 11, 2008

My 1st Cricket Catch !!!

As you all know, India is cricket crazy nation. You can see cricket, where ever you go around the country. 3 year old Kid, will be holding a bat at home. 6 year old will be walking with cricket-kit, for training. thats cricket in India.

I am originally from a small town just 80 kms away from Chennai, which is called Tiruttani, which is really famous for Murugan temple. and to mention, our house is in hills, where there are more than 200 houses.

Mostly everyday, after our school, we will play cricket. Do U know where ? just outside the temple, where devotees will make their rounds(parikrama), before entering the temple. there will be 2 age category while playing cricket. one is frm age 8-12, and rest will be in another category.

Normally we all will play in tennis ball, but some times, when our senior category goes for any match with another team, they will play in CRICKET BALL, which is too hard for us. normally we will go with them to the ground, just to watch, but while going, we will be just counting the senoir team players. because, if there in some shortage of players in senior category, we will have a chance to play.

Once, i remember it very well, it was a sunny sunday. there was 1 match and i went with the team. as usual, i started counting the players and i was really happy. because, there were only 9 members. so me and 1 of my friend, from junior category had a chance to join the team. WOW. it was my 1st match in CRICKET BALL.

The coin was tossed. our opponents won the toss and they preferred batting, as some of their players did not arrive. mostly, the ball will not go in slip. so my senior asked me to stand in slip, as i was just 8 year old (3rd standard).

Gopi anna is the fast bowler in our team, and usually, he bowls the 1st over. his pace of bowling with line and lengh will be superve. and his action will be like Venkatesh prasad. thast y he is always called as "Prasad"......

1st over started. if i am not wrong i think it was 3rd ball. i did not saw how Gopi anna was bowling, but i was just watching the batsman from slip. like , when u concentrate 100% on some thingz, there is a chace ur mind will become blank. u will not know what is happening around U. it hapend with me , that day. i just remember, i raised my hands. thats it. then i saw all our team members lifting me. then, i really felt that i caught the catch.

I had a great feeling. my 1st catch in HARD CRICKET BALL, at the age of 8, that too, caught a catch in slip. but1 thing which i dont want to hide, as every 1 knows it was JUST FLUKE.


Cute Girl !!

Life is very interesting. u can feel it, only when u sit and think about it. we have to make each and every moment of our life enjoyable, beocs we will not get that moment again.

once i was reading a book named "Anything for you Ma'am". i read a line, which i really liked. it states "have to make life thrilling and interesting".

The next day, i went to Library at 8 in the morning. very few were there. and i found my place, where i normally sit, and started my reading. after a while, i noticed that sme 1 was sitting, not so far, but bit near !!

It was none other then, that cute girl. i know her from, beginning of the semester, and she knows me too. but we never talked with each other. rather just stare at each other.

Then suddenly, that line came in to my mind."make life thrilling and interesting". so i decided to make my life thrilling from that point. but i was thinking how to work that out. then, i decided just to go and have a casual talk. wow !! i never did like this to any girl, who is just a stranger. but i decided to go.

I stood up from my seat. went near to her table. got a chair, next to her's and took my seat. she knew, that i came and sat, but she did not turn, which most girls do. but i just started, as i sat. here we go..........

"hi. Good morning. I am karthik. From beginning of the semster, we are just starring at each other. I really dont no why. Anyway, frm now lets be good friends.." I raised my hand, to shook with her. she accepted my friiendship by shooking the hands with me

Before leaving i said "hey and i am sry, i dont no to speak in hindi. beocs i am not from Fiji and please dont mind, what i said....dont mind....ok ?....byee"

Thats it, i just came to my seat and i even did not ask her name, and she did not talk a word. she just had her cute smile. thats it. i did not talk with her, in some wrong intension, or something. but just in a casual manner. just to have a good friendly-relationship with a girl, whom i use to stare. :)

And to tell you, after that incident, when ever we met, we smile and just say a casual Hi, which i really felt better than starring a girl.

I enjoyed that day and stated my thrilling life with this incident. hope to have more incidents like this in future, and will be back with some as it happens !!!


Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Island Trip !!!

Wow !! it is really hard to plan things. and it is harder to carry out that.i am now, going to share my plan, which i made. and the way it got spoiled because of nature.

AS you all know, Fiji is divided in to 'VitiLevu' and 'VanuaLevu'. and i am staying in Viti. and planned my holiday in vanua, in a fashion way. me and Kapil, my friend, planned to visit vanua, especially to attend 1 of our best friend's Birthday.

The intersting factor in our plan, is that, our friend in vanua, don't know about our visit. but my Friend's Sis knows. we thought of giving our friend a surprise.
We planned to book our ticket on Monday, as my frndz birthday party was on wednesday. so on Saturday, i went to the agency, for which i have to travel just 30 mins. i got 2 tickets. and for your information, me and kapil are staying in different place. the boat actually leaves from kapil's place, and i have to travel in a bus, to kapil's place to get that ship. and the bus was arranged by the agency.

On Sunday, we were so excited. i called my friend's sis in vanua, to confirm the plan. everything went well. i packed everything, including print out of SUDOKU, for time pass.

It was Monday, early in the morning, 2am. i woke up.the bus leaves from my place to kapil's place at 3am, and ship leaves at 7am to vanua. i got ready and went to the place where the agency lady told me. there were more than 30 people, who were also with me.

The climate started to change. the rain started. but it was not heavy. we thought it might be a normal rain. and as we predicted, it stopped in 10 mins time and we were relieved. we waited, waited and waited. it was 4am and we still waited. i got a doubt. no 1 had the agency telephone number.but i remeberd that i called the number of that agency lady's personal mobile, before i went to buy my tickets. i checked in my dialed numbers list and found it. i called her.

It was 4.15 am, and she answered in a casual manner starting our conversation, with BULA. i just got irritated. when i asked her about my bus, she told, me that the ship has been cancelled, due to predicted bad weather.and she told me that she will come and return our money in 10 mins time.

What i can do? we planned well, but never thought, we might get problems like this, which will spoil our trip. but nothing can be done. and there was no ship for the next 2 or 3 days, due to Christmas. and after that i had some work, so we cancelled our plan.

Thus our Island trip ends, just as a plan and just as a dream. and we hope that we will Go there for sure 1 day.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Film "BOYZ"- memorable 1

The film "Boys" was much waited among all youths in Tamil nadu, as it was directed by 1 of the great Director Shankar. the movie was good and memorable, but the story how i saw that movie is more memorable than anything else.

i was in class 11, in Velammal School, Chennai. for Sure you must have heard about Velammal, as it is 1 of the strict school in Chennai. Boys are not allowed to talk with girls, and lots and lots of rules. and to mention, there will be 1 or 2 spies in a class, who will directly report to Correspondent. but we never took that seriously.

that time, BOYS film was all ready to release, and we were more eager to watch the movie. the 1st show of the movie will be released at 11am, on 1 fine Saturday. so we made a plan. 14 from our class, including boys and girlz made a perfect plan to watch the movie on the opening day. we collected money and gave to our class leader, who was really leading us.

we all met on the planned day outside the theater, went in, and the show begins now. the movie was good , and as it went on, there came a wonderful song, "break the rules". we went beyond our control and shouted "break the rules of velammal".(velammal, our school yaar). we really enjoyed the movie to at most. but the real story started after the movie got over.

after the movie got over, as we started moving out, we saw a big shock waiting for us. that is none other than, on of our school staff, sent by our school correspondent, to monitor our activities. we really don't no what to do. but me and 1 of my friend Lokesh, decided to go and talk with him. we went to him and said directly , "sir, please do not report this to correspondent" and we came out.

but the school staff, reported everything, including our conversation with him. the following Monday the whole gang were really afraid, except me. because, i was in the school volley ball team. and i went with the team for 1 tournament. the whole class got several advice and punishment for shouting "break the rules". but the great karthik escaped. Lucky Though !!

memorable 1, which me and my whole gang will never forget. hope you all enjoyed my incident.


Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Even Getting a small Cup, in sports, as a prize, in front of 10 people is something. but think, how you will feel, if u get a CHAMPIONSHIP from police officer, in front of 2000 people?

Normally in all school, they will conduct most of the sports event, before the sports day, and on sports day,only important events will be conducted. CHAMPIONSHIP, will be given to the best students, over takes the overall lead in points, which will cover many field and track events. like, if u get 1st prize, u will be awarded 5 points, and 3 points and 1 point for 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.

i was studying 7th standard (age13), in Ramakrishna mission school, t.nagar, Chennai. i was coming under JUNIOR CATEGORY. i was so poor in Field events. but i was bit smart in track (running). just 1 day before the sports day, my over all points was "0". and many of my friends, were having 5, 6 and 1 of my friend even had even 9 points. but i had a small wish. at least to win 100 and 200 meters, which will be conducted on SPORTS DAY, and to tell you, i was selected in top 8 runners in our category.

At first, i had never thought about CHAMPIONSHIP, as my over all points was "0". but my team captain, told me that in senior category, for sure, our team member will be taking championship. and gave me a small advice, to concentrate on 100 and 200 meters running, and told me that, i have a chance to win the championship, as i can get up to 10 points there. that night, i was not able to sleep. i had a small feeling, me with championship cup !!!!

At first call for 200 meters came. i took the lead at first, and continued it till the end. wow...i had never had such an encouragement before in my life and i finished 1st, and completed half of my dream. but i had another half to complete. again my team captain came to me, and advised me the same. i said, i will do, what i can do. and same like as 200 meters, i was consistent, and grabbed my 1st position in 100 meters too. hm !!! i had a wonderful day. my team also took the over all CHAMPIONSHIP, with me and 1 of my friend, taking individual CHAMPIONSHIP in JUNIOR and SENIOR category. the day, i can never forget in my life. and still i can feel that day !!!!

note: in the pic, me taking individual CHAMPIONSHIP from a police office with my PE teacher standing behind with red t-shirt


Saturday, July 28, 2007


The subject which does not need much strain is MATHS. because, in other subjects we have to read a lot, memorize and lot more stuffs. but still, MATHS is the most hated subject for some students, which also include 1 of my friend, LOKESH.

Lokesh, is just a cool character. he is simply smart in other subjects, but just FAILS in maths. we were together in hostel and school, and he just used to come to me, to learn maths. Never mind how he studies, the result is well known. but the only good thing in him is, TRY TILL U DIE.

At last came the 11Th standard final, MATHS EXAM. By attendance, after my name Karthik, comes the name Lokesh. the question paper were distributed. 1st 45 minutes, i really forget to think about lokesh. then, i got a small pinch from him from back. i understood, and was even trying to show him my answer paper, as usual by moving to 1 side and kept the paper in another side. but still lokesh had some trouble seeing my paper.

As time went, we just had 1 hour left. lokesh just lost his patience, and stood up. a lady supervisor came to him. he just said like this- "mam, i am really feeling difficulty in this paper. i want to copy from this guy (pointing me). please allow me".......ha !!! off course the supervisor did not allow him, but still see his courage and also luckily some how he passed in his exam.

but the lesson is that, as i told you before, he is really a hard working person, he got 70% in maths in 12Th standard public exam.

hope you guys enjoyed.....see u all soon, with another 1....


Friday, July 27, 2007


All humans are not mentally strong. even the mentally strong people, get afraid, when they see small creatures, like LIZARD. and there is no question, if that person is bit soft in nature. they are absolutely crazy.

Few days back, i was playing cards, with 4 of my friends. Actually my friends are renting in a flat, just near to my University. they are just too good to be with.

As, we were playing, suddenly, my 1 of my friend, threw all his cards and just started shouting and screaming like any thing. He was even crying like a small child. at 1st i really dint no what was happening. but after a while i found that, it was because of a small lizard, which we saw hiding itself. but the funny part is that, even after that, he was crying for 10 Min's. ha !!!

Actually, i have seen many times, people getting afraid of LIZARD. but i have never seen anything like, what he did that day. simply crazy. but, after talking with him, i found that, he is afraid of lizard and some other small creatures from childhood. so, he even avoids seeing that.

He has to change. these simple things can make him feel worse and can make him feel afraid of all simple things, which is JUST REALLY BAD.


if any 1 know, any idea of controlling that fear, please do send me a comment. thanks


Thursday, July 26, 2007


Wow !! many things happen in life. u can remember some, after a bit of thinking, others we just leave it. but, some incident, u cant forget, even if u try to. i would like to share a small incident, which i cant forget in my life time....

At the age of 8. i was studying in 3rd standard in HOLY CROSS MATRICULATION SCHOOL, which is in my home town TIRUTTANI. i had many friends in my class. and a few, with whom i was bit more attached.

once, there was some competition going on in my class, in the presence of class teacher and principal. i am not sure, whether i participated in that or not. but once the competition was over, the results were announced. after the announcement, 1 of my close friend, just stood up and went in front of the class, and told our principal, that he would like to share some thing in front of the class. then he started before the class.

" Good evening to 1 and all. as u know my name is " manikandan ". i would like to share some thing which i feel like. karthikeyan, can U plz come here. (HE CALLED ME B4 THE CLASS). we love our parents so much. i also love my friend karthikeyan, with that same level. i am proud that he is here with me. that's all. thank you "

ha !!! can u believe ? just few lines before the class. i was just amazed. i don't no how to react. i just came and sat in my seat. the principal came forward and asked all the students to give a big applause for our friendship. wow !!!

the day, which i can never forget. or, can any 1 forget ? ha !! no way !! absolutely superb..memorable !! what say ?

note: in the pic. 1st frm left is me, and the middle guy is OUR HERO (mani) !!!!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Life is full of happiness, and sorrow too. some things may look simple, but even that simple things may make you feel a lot.

Till now, i have faced many situations like this. but 2day i had another 1, which i feel like sharing !!

It was my mistake, when i applied for my Australian Visa, when i had just 13 days of my 30 day holiday was left. i thought of not attending my 1st week of University, as we have very few, and that too boring classes. so i applied for my visa.

The processing time for all Australian visitors visa is 10 working days. i had a bit doubt, when i applied my visa. and as i thought, my Visa was refused, because i just had 3 days left in my holidays. the letter from my university, clearly mentioned to immigration people that i had holidays only till 30Th august !!!

Off course i can understand the situation, but still i had a small pain. i always do 1 thing. in situations like this, i will think with open minded. like, by feeling and crying, Immigration people, is not going to grant my visa. ha !!! what say !! that's it. leave it, and BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME !!!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

my 1st blog planning

what is blog? i know a bit, abt it....but i did not had much interst in it......becos i am not good in writing english !!!

but my no may be...i will call her my sis....SRINIDHI, just gave me a simple lecture, explaining that, by blogs, 1 can develop some skills.

taking this, in mind, i am thinking now, to start writing atleast a blog, a week.

till now, i have planned many things, but i have not followed any...may be i will not leave this....

thanks to my sis SRINIDHI, for her motivation !!!!